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    Today we’d like to introduce you to Faith Cyrille.

      Faith, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
      When my mother died at age 10, I always wondered why she named me “Faith” and what significance it would hold to the life I planned to live. Losing my mother at a young age showed me, I had to grow up fairly fast in the environment that I lived in the compact city of Richmond, VA.

      My father is West Indian and watching how he raised my siblings and I showed me the element of tough love and resilience. Knowing the adversity he faced by becoming an American citizen & single father at that.

      When I was a young girl, I knew that I wanted something better for my life and the knowledge, wisdom, and experience I had gained so early on would breed me into the woman I truly aspired to be. I started working at 14 and never stopped from then until now.

      I’m the youngest out of three boys and the only girl. So you can imagine how much I had to toughen a lot of things out growing up.

      My grandma used to always remind me I was wise beyond my years and that I would be very successful one day because of my maturity and work ethic.

      Back in 2017, a year after I graduated high school in 2016. I made a poor decision and ended up getting a charge. It affected me and my growth severely and limited me to the options I had in growing in Virginia. I kept thinking of ways to make money due to my poor choice and options it had given me.

      I have always aspired to be an entrepreneur and always knew that I was meant to lead and create my brand in some way. When I created “The Faye Way” it was in the middle of the night and I remember getting fired from a call center and had no other options. I did my research on hair extensions and eyelashes and binged watched every YouTube video about it lol. When you are limited to resources and finances, you get innovative. I went from looking at all those videos to making my site, making the logo, choosing colors, finding product images, buying samples, and making price lists based around wholesaling prices. Amid that, I moved to Atlanta, GA. I had lived here with my aunt when my mother died, and I was familiar with the area a bit, I knew that if I stayed in Virginia any longer, I wouldn’t grow and put my beauty business on pause, as I wasn’t a beautician and was planning to move to the capital of beauty. It took me nine months to move to Atlanta and during that, I became a certified eyelash technician before I moved. Once I moved to Atlanta, I began working for Jay Morrison as an intern and later became the Customer Service Manager before I transitioned back in October of 2019 to walk into full entrepreneurship.

      I decided that after several events had taken place and my love for hair extensions and lashes weren’t in my plans any longer because of my availability for it. I thought bigger and wanted to change the narrative of my brand to represent something that not only would attract a female audience but men as well. I couldn’t think of a name right away but one day, it hit me to change my brand name to my actual name as “Faith” has a huge significance and means one underlying thing, which was to never give up hope.

      I faced several adversity’s before I even hit my teens, from losing my mother and several other matriarchs in my family, to getting locked up for a poor decision and being denied everywhere for work, to dropping out of school just because I felt like I didn’t have a place there. Things seem to move rapidly at times, but I knew for one thing that I wanted to prove to anyone that it’s possible to do anything you put your mind to as long as you continue to have faith in god. I’m not proud of my mistakes but they have shaped me into the woman I am today and for that, I am grateful that my business does not just give women and men cool t-shirts and dad hats, it represents having the ability to motivate yourself to have the desired outcome you wish for your life. It solely means believing in something greater than what you already can see or feel and knowing that it’s possible because you will make it possible.

      Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
      As mentioned, I think one of the hardest battles I faced when growing was not having my mother. There were a lot of things I lacked emotionally and some mentally that played a major role in my stability and mental health. Even struggling with my overall femininity was tough because I struggled with knowing what a woman should look like compared to the actual woman I soon realized I was becoming. I suffered from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bits of mania that I didn’t really know how to cope through except through therapy and prayer.

      Often, I would be extremely hard on myself simply because I didn’t know the right or wrong way to go within my life path. My family tried to assist me in the best way they knew how but they never gave up on me.

      When I moved to GA, I got into a car accident and not knowing too much about the city and having limited resources I had to adapt to riding the Marta system for several months and I would remember moments where I would cry my heart out knowing I had to do this every day for a while and do this while having to get groceries or anything I wanted for that matter.

      Getting a charge hindered my ability to get decent jobs and also made me very upfront about my choices and Experiences so there were times where I would be In employment situations I wasn’t happy with but had to sacrifice it because I wouldn’t let my mistake define me or my work ethic.

      Please tell us about The Faith Way.
      The Faith Way is a retail company for both women and men. I have a variety of t-shirts and hats that have encouraging sayings and meanings on them.

      I specialize in helping inspire young women and men to start anything they absolutely desire with any limitation or circumstance they are given.

      I’m most proud that my business can hold great significance to it behind every shirt or hat that someone wears. I hope to get my brand in several cities and eventually hold events around self-empowerment, motivation and mental all health.

      What sets my business apart from others is that my name is my business and I walk in nothing but Faith and transparency. When creating new things, I make sure that I design my items to communicate and display the authenticity and creativity behind every piece. I want my customers to know that they should have integrity when wearing my brand because you’re standing for something you believe in.

      If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
      I think if I could go back in time, I would have probably made different choices personally so that I would’ve been further but the amount of information I have learned by the choices I have made, I don’t think I would know what I know now.


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